Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bookish Pet Peeves

I've seen a few posts/videos on the internetz with people discussing their bookish pet peeves. I thought I would be the big ol' copy cat that I am and throw in my two cents on what my Bookish Pet Peeves are! 

Why does everything have to be in groups of three now days? Why can't books that could clearly be either a stand alone or duo just be that?  Stories that could be told in one brilliant books are being pulled apart and put into three "okay" books. I am so glad that The Host which could have fallen victim to the Trilogy trend remained one novel. It is one of my favourite books ever, and as a trilogy it would have just been okay.

Cover Changes 
I like my series to look like series. I want them to match and line up on my book shelf, looking pretty and MATCHING. Who decided to change the cover design half way through the series? I just don't get it.  The Chemical Gardens Trilogy did it, and I hate it! 

Different Size Books 
This one is very similar to the cover changes pet peeve. If you have a series of books don't release one in a normal size and make the next one HUGE! The Chemical Gardens Trilogy is a great example. Wither is a normal size book but it's follow up, Fever, if a massive book and about 1 1/2 inches taller than the first book. It doesn't line up, and I hate that! 

No Labeling
I have googled what order book series go in way to many times. Is it really to hard to put Book 1, Book2 etc on the cover or even inside the book? A duo I can handle, a trilogy maybe but when a series has 4 or more books I need labels to tell my little brain how to order them. I love that the Morgonville Vampire series does this, but would it have hurt the Vampire Academy publishers to have put a 1 to 6 on the spine?  

Thursday, 19 September 2013

5 Confessions of a Reader!

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So, today my post is all about bookish confessions. There are some things I probably should deny but honesty is the best policy and today I lay before you my embarrassing book confessions for you all to read! 

 1) I have never read Harry Potter (not even one line). I have a feeling that now it might be too late for me to truly appreciate the books. I've seen the movies, so I know the outline of the plot and the books are so hyped up that I fear they will never live up to my expectations. Should I read them? 

2) Twilight was the first book I ever "really" read. I hated reading before I read Twilight. I'd never really given it chance to be honest but reading Twilight launched me into something I now adore! I'm never without a book in my bag, and if I have a few spare moments my head is buried in a book. 

3) I always judge books by there covers. I own so many crap books because the covers are all so pretty. Getting a Kindle has really helped stop me doing that because you don't really see the cover, but my shelf is full of books I never even read the blurb of because the cover was gorgeous. I even have a post dedicated to my love for pretty covers I'm lusting after right now! Read here

4) I will always choose chick lit over classics. I love reading because it gives you a place to escape to. It gives me a place to stop thinking about the real world and launches me into a world where I can dream about dreamy boys. When I read a classic I just find myself having to think too much and I don't get the escapism I love about other books. 

5)  I like to spoil myself when reading a book.   I don't do well with angst and anticipation so I often just won't read a book to avoid that. If I give myself a little spoiler I can read the book without giving myself a heart attack while reading.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Characters I Love To Hate...

In books and TV shows there are generally characters you hate. They might be the "villian" or something like that or they might just be plain annoying! Most of these hated characters are people I wish would just disappear. There is the one type of character I love to hate though.  They are generally people getting in the way of "cannon" couples or are the bad guy with a good heart.  

Anyways, I'm going to jump right in with some of my favourite "love to hate" characters from books, TV and movies. 

Jacob from The Twilight Saga Books/Movie
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Oh, Mr Black, why you be trying to break up Mr Edward and Bella? From the moment I started reading I was Team Edward so I was never going to love anyone getting in the way of that thing, but Jacob did have some good qualities and while I hated him for the vast majority of the series I did love him as well.

Klaus from The Vampire Diaries TV Show
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The actor just plays him so well. You see his bad side, you see the glimmer of good in him and the actor plays him in such a way that you cannot help but love him. You have to hate him though because of the whole EVIL thing. Sometimes, a girl has just gotta love a bad boy.
Simon from The Mortal Instruments Books/Movie
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I don't like book Simon but I adore Movie Simon. If they were combined I'd love him in the books. In the books he is just a little too annoying for me at the moment. I love that his is witty and funny (and I love me some Robert Sheehan) but I don't like him and Clary together and in the first bit of the first book he is a bit to sleazy for his geeky personality.

There are more but I think I'll save those for part 2. Do you have any characters/people you love to hate? 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Current Favourite Booktubers | PolandBananasBooks, Little Book Owl and More!

I adore watching people talk about books. It's something I've never really thought about before but seeing someone talk so passionately about things I love myself is great. 

I "found" youtube when I started getting into makeup but after hours of watching beauty videos I started watching book videos. I can now honestly say I don't go to youtube to check if Ingrid or someone like that has uploaded a video I go and check to see is PolandBananasBooks or Katytastic has uploaded. Sure I still watch (and love) the beauty gurus but books are just holding my interest much more at the moment so by extension booktubers are getting my views first. 

Anyway, today I just wanted to share five of my current favourite booktubers. I subscribe to so many more (and if you know any let me know because you can never be subscribed to enough) but these are my current top 5 favourites. 

When you can watch over 20 of someones video in just one evening, you know you are addicted to their channel. I've watched just about every video from Christine over the last few days and now I'm just waiting eagerly and some what patiently for the next upload! Brilliant booktubers, and great main channel too! 

I think Jesse might have been the first booktuber I found. I think he is absolutely hilarious, on point with just about everything he says and did I mention HILARIOUS!

I binged on Kat videos for about 2 days straight recently. I've been subscribed to her for ages and have just caught up with all her videos. She makes great videos, is funny and I NEED her bookshelf.  

The Readables, along side Jesse The Reader, was one of the first booktubers I subscribed to. The videos are amazing. They are well created with cute graphic annotations. She is well spoken, to the point and tells you just about everything you need to know without give "too" much away. GREAT Youtuber! 

I adore this girl (in a totally no creepy way). I love here accent, I love her content and think she is all round good egg. If you haven't watched her yet what are you doing with your life? Go! Go now...