Sunday, 15 September 2013

Characters I Love To Hate...

In books and TV shows there are generally characters you hate. They might be the "villian" or something like that or they might just be plain annoying! Most of these hated characters are people I wish would just disappear. There is the one type of character I love to hate though.  They are generally people getting in the way of "cannon" couples or are the bad guy with a good heart.  

Anyways, I'm going to jump right in with some of my favourite "love to hate" characters from books, TV and movies. 

Jacob from The Twilight Saga Books/Movie
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Oh, Mr Black, why you be trying to break up Mr Edward and Bella? From the moment I started reading I was Team Edward so I was never going to love anyone getting in the way of that thing, but Jacob did have some good qualities and while I hated him for the vast majority of the series I did love him as well.

Klaus from The Vampire Diaries TV Show
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The actor just plays him so well. You see his bad side, you see the glimmer of good in him and the actor plays him in such a way that you cannot help but love him. You have to hate him though because of the whole EVIL thing. Sometimes, a girl has just gotta love a bad boy.
Simon from The Mortal Instruments Books/Movie
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I don't like book Simon but I adore Movie Simon. If they were combined I'd love him in the books. In the books he is just a little too annoying for me at the moment. I love that his is witty and funny (and I love me some Robert Sheehan) but I don't like him and Clary together and in the first bit of the first book he is a bit to sleazy for his geeky personality.

There are more but I think I'll save those for part 2. Do you have any characters/people you love to hate? 

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