Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bookish Pet Peeves

I've seen a few posts/videos on the internetz with people discussing their bookish pet peeves. I thought I would be the big ol' copy cat that I am and throw in my two cents on what my Bookish Pet Peeves are! 

Why does everything have to be in groups of three now days? Why can't books that could clearly be either a stand alone or duo just be that?  Stories that could be told in one brilliant books are being pulled apart and put into three "okay" books. I am so glad that The Host which could have fallen victim to the Trilogy trend remained one novel. It is one of my favourite books ever, and as a trilogy it would have just been okay.

Cover Changes 
I like my series to look like series. I want them to match and line up on my book shelf, looking pretty and MATCHING. Who decided to change the cover design half way through the series? I just don't get it.  The Chemical Gardens Trilogy did it, and I hate it! 

Different Size Books 
This one is very similar to the cover changes pet peeve. If you have a series of books don't release one in a normal size and make the next one HUGE! The Chemical Gardens Trilogy is a great example. Wither is a normal size book but it's follow up, Fever, if a massive book and about 1 1/2 inches taller than the first book. It doesn't line up, and I hate that! 

No Labeling
I have googled what order book series go in way to many times. Is it really to hard to put Book 1, Book2 etc on the cover or even inside the book? A duo I can handle, a trilogy maybe but when a series has 4 or more books I need labels to tell my little brain how to order them. I love that the Morgonville Vampire series does this, but would it have hurt the Vampire Academy publishers to have put a 1 to 6 on the spine?  

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