Thursday, 19 September 2013

5 Confessions of a Reader!

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So, today my post is all about bookish confessions. There are some things I probably should deny but honesty is the best policy and today I lay before you my embarrassing book confessions for you all to read! 

 1) I have never read Harry Potter (not even one line). I have a feeling that now it might be too late for me to truly appreciate the books. I've seen the movies, so I know the outline of the plot and the books are so hyped up that I fear they will never live up to my expectations. Should I read them? 

2) Twilight was the first book I ever "really" read. I hated reading before I read Twilight. I'd never really given it chance to be honest but reading Twilight launched me into something I now adore! I'm never without a book in my bag, and if I have a few spare moments my head is buried in a book. 

3) I always judge books by there covers. I own so many crap books because the covers are all so pretty. Getting a Kindle has really helped stop me doing that because you don't really see the cover, but my shelf is full of books I never even read the blurb of because the cover was gorgeous. I even have a post dedicated to my love for pretty covers I'm lusting after right now! Read here

4) I will always choose chick lit over classics. I love reading because it gives you a place to escape to. It gives me a place to stop thinking about the real world and launches me into a world where I can dream about dreamy boys. When I read a classic I just find myself having to think too much and I don't get the escapism I love about other books. 

5)  I like to spoil myself when reading a book.   I don't do well with angst and anticipation so I often just won't read a book to avoid that. If I give myself a little spoiler I can read the book without giving myself a heart attack while reading.

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  1. Every single one of these describes me! How cool! I've recently become a book worm and now I can't put my Kindle down! Every time I finish a book, I immediately look for another one! :)

    Great post!