Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Happy Bookaholic Tag

1. What do you love about buying new books?
I love buying new books because it gives you a new world to dive into or a chance to dive into a world you loved. Books are my escape from the world, so I love buying a new book because they give you another place to get away.
2. How often do you buy new books?
I go through strange book buying spells. I can go months and months without buying anything but then I go a bit extreme every now and then and buy too many books. I've been trying to keep out of the more expensive shops recently because I'm going through the extreme spell. I've been sticking to charity shops and places like the Works to find new books.
3. Bookstore or online book shopping - which do you prefer?
I like both. Shopping online is great because you often get things cheaper and there is an endless selection. I love shopping in store because you get instant gratification and you can find books you might not be searching for online.
4. Do you have a favourite bookstore?
I don't have a particular favourite. I love The Works for bargain books. I got the Maze Runner trilogy for just £2.99 recently *BARGAIN*. I also love charity shops for grabbing books. I have an Oxfam book shop in my town and you can get some right bargains in there. I got two first edition Harry Potter hardback books and a Blue Bloods novel for just £6.
5. Do you preorder books?
I think I've only ever pre-ordered one book and that was "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner". I was in my Twilight phase and couldn't wait for the novella to come out in print even though you could have gotten it for free online. I am going to pre-order the last Mortal Instruments book. 
6. Do you have a monthly book buying limit?
Not really. I just buy what I want if I can and save if I can't afford it at the time. 
7. Book buying bans - are they something for you? Not really. I don't consistently buy huge amounts of books. I have tried to limit my spending on books until my TBR is down a bit but I'm not going to ban myself completely.
8. How big is your wishlist?
It's kind of endless. I don't have anything written down or on Goodreads but I have an large mental list of books I need to pick up at some point because I like the sound of them or because they have been raved about on book blogs or on booktube.
9. Which three books (from you wish list or pre-orders, or ... ) would you like to own NOW?
Walking Disaster. 
Throne of Glass. 
10. Whom do you tag?
Anyone who wants to do it. I'm sure this is a pretty old tag so most people have probably seen it or done it. If you have done it or are going to do it then leave me a link in the comments. I'd love to see/hear/watch your version of this tag. 

Thanks for reading!   


  1. I like Oxfam but I think they overcharge for books (there I said it) especially in comparison to other charity stores. Great tag though!

  2. Nice post :) Hi, like your blog, and have nominated you for a Liebster award - see my blog ( for details :)