Sunday, 5 January 2014

Imposter by Jill Hathaway

Imposter  is the second novel by Jill Hathaway that takes place in the Slide world. It followers Slider Vee Bell, her best friend Rollins and other friends and family about 6 months after the events of Slide. 

I finished this book in 2 days. It usually takes me at least a week to finish a book. I hope that gives your some idea of how gripping this was and how quick it was to read. The quickness of the read doesn't mean the writing is lacking or the story isn't really there.

The story is great. It isn't as thrilling as the first novel, Slide but it does keep you guessing. It offers new characters as well as introducing and developing characters from before.

I would say it is more plot driven than character driven but I did find myself getting attached and really detesting some characters.

This one loses a star simply because it wasn't as gripping or as creepy as the first novel. It was very interesting, and I found myself routing for the romance in this novel more than I did in the first novel. It just lacked the creepy, thrilling vibe Slide had but it was amazing all the same. 

After the star rating there will be some *SPOILERS* so if you haven't read the book run of and do so and come back. Maybe we can discuss in the comments!

 Jill Hathaway really wrote the book well. I was constantly guessing about who was sliding into Vee and who was the murderer  but I never once guessed the right person, much like I did with Slide. Lydia was an interesting character, and one the I think everyone would be suspicious of. She turned up out of the blew for no reason right before Vee (who always suspected she inherited her "gift") is taken over by somebody else. She has also been using a fake name in California. Everything about her was a little bit off but it just seems like she wanted to repair her relationship with her family. 

Diane was a strange character. I thought from the moment she picked Vee up that she as a slider but there were moments of doubt. I really enjoyed that Hathaway never really confirms anything until the last few chapters. She throws things in the book that make you second guess any conclusions you come to and she always makes you suspect someone else. 

I never suspected Samantha. I thought it might have been Regina but never Sam. I know she was angry and scary of Scott but I never saw her as a murderer. the scene with Rollins and the gun freaked me out that I literally couldn't put my kindle down. The tension had me reading faster, and I was so worried Rollins wasn't going to make it. I'm glad he did and it was great to see a romance in a YA novel that isn't insta-love like it was in Slide and it was nice that it wasn't disgustingly smoochy and lovey-dovey. 

Overall, this book is fantastic. If you haven't read this I would try out Slide and then Imposter. They are fast, fantastic reads and have a little bit of everything for everyone. 

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  1. Thanks for linking up, great review, have added this one and the first novel to my list of books to read. Have tweeted and pinned your post :) hope you can join in again next week xx