Saturday, 11 January 2014

Most Anticipated Movies of 2014

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There are 4 movies I know I will see when they hit the cinema. I have a long time to wait for them because I think the earliest release is June but when they do hit the theaters I'm sure they will be great.

November brings the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I am in a little hunger games obsession at the moment so this is what I am most looking forward too. I think these last two might be the best of the four that will come out and I cannot wait to see how Josh plays crazy Peeta. 

The Maze Runner (  a book on my TBR) is something I am looking forward too. I've read mixed reviews on the book but the plot sounds interesting so I thing the movie will be good to watch. I'll give the books a try before going to see the film, but really am looking forward to its release.

The Fault in our Stars is battling Mockingjay for the top spot of most exciting releases of 2014. I read the heartbreaking book in just 1 day and have re read it since. It's an amazing book and I hope the film can capture all of the feels the book does. With John Green on set, and seemingly happy, I think we can expect an amazing film. 

Divergent is something I will see but I'm not sure if I will go the movies. I have thought about reading the books but after hearing some spoilers for the last book I'm not sure I want to now. I'm a happy ending kinda girl and I'm not sure this will give me that, if I've read things correctly. The film does seem like it will be good and many people love the books so I think it would be good to go and see. 


  1. I'm a huge hunger games obsessive! I literally can't wait till Mockingjay comes out.

    I didn't realise maze runner was being made into a film, I've tried reading that but found it a little slow and confusing so I gave up maybe I'll give it another try

  2. There are a few I've seen trailered that look awesome. I think one is called The Delivery Man, one is called About Time and the last one is called The Book Thief. I don't really watch many movies but may re-subscribe to Love Film in the future so I can catch up with all the ones I've missed :)

    Louise x

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  3. I am looking forward to seeing Mockingjay when it comes out. I have seen the other movies at the cinema. I have not read the novels yet. I may do when I get some time to myself !